Williamsport Composite Squadron
Pennsylvania Wing ★ Civil Air Patrol

About Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol is the benevolent auxiliary of the United States Air Force, made up of over 60,000 citizens in volunteer service to their country. Formed in the lead-up to World War II, CAP has three missions:

  • Aerospace Education: maintain America’s superiority in aerospace and now cyberspace technology, both internally and externally.
  • Cadet Programs: cultivate the development of strong values and character in our nation’s youth.
  • Emergency Services: protect the homeland through search and rescue, force multiplication, disaster relief, and counterdrug missions.

CAP saves an average of 70 lives a year and offsets over $155 million in Air Force costs. Flying with an average cost between $120 and $160 an hour, in conjunction with a wide network of ground personnel, CAP crews find missing persons and aircraft, assess damage and bring aid after natural disasters, and play an active role in helping the military train and prepare.