Williamsport Composite Squadron
Pennsylvania Wing ★ Civil Air Patrol

New Member Orientation

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol, and thank you for your service! After processing your membership, national headquarters will send you various material in the mail for you to begin learning about CAP. In the mean time, as long as your membership has “posted,” you can begin making progress immediately.

  • Setup your eServices account (you will need your CAPID, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number).
  • Take the operational security (OPSEC) and Introduction to Safety courses immediately; they are required prior to participating in any unit activities!
  • Complete the aircraft ground handling (AGH) training. This is required prior to any operations in which you may come into contact with aircraft, such as flight line work or riding in any CAP aircraft.
  • Begin working on your general emergency services (GES) rating.
  • Obtain basic non-issue uniform items such as name tags and tapes. Cadets are eligible for a free “blues” uniform, and the squadron has a nominal stock of BDU and other uniform items to issue members. Name tapes and tags are available through Vanguard, the official CAP vendor. Uniform items such as shirts, pants, and shoes/boots may also be purchased commercially or through military clothing sale stores (ref. CAPR 147-1).

General information is available for new cadets from national headquarters (NHQ). Additionally, new cadets can begin online testing toward their first promotion, the Curry achievement immediately (the first chapter of Learn to Lead,, the cadet leadership curriculum, is available online). Completion of the Curry achievement is a prerequisite for GES (and therefore participation in any emergency services missions) as well as required for beginning cadet orientation flights.

New senior members must complete Level One, the new member orientation course. This important course includes the Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT) and Equal Opportunity (EO) training and is a hybrid course that includes online training with mandatory in-person mentoring. Like the Curry achievement for cadets, Level One is a prerequisite for participation in most CAP activities.