Williamsport Composite Squadron
Pennsylvania Wing ★ Civil Air Patrol

Unit Safety Information

As a member, you are our best resource for safety. While your regular position may be something different, every member serves as a safety officer. If you witness a potentially unsafe situation, say something! Additionally, all members should:

  • Familiarize themselves with the commander's safety policy.
  • Ensure that visitors do not participate in CAP activities (non-members may observe activities and participate in discussions but may not perform any field tasks or physical activities under CAP direction).
  • Complete the Introduction to CAP Safety course in eServices. Additionally, the risk management courses are highly recommended for all members.
  • Maintain monthly safety currency either through attendance at squadron meetings or online safety training in either eServices or through the FAA or AOPA online courses (note that these latter options require that members link their respective accounts with their CAPID for automatic validation of activity completion).

External Links


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